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Friday, July 1, 2011

Watch Transformers 3 Online Megavideo

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Keep your hats, this could get "Lil heated. Even more than ever Effi giant" robots are coming! Although we have not seen anything other than a Super Bowl spot, and teaser trailer of last year, a few lucky people were shown 20 minutes of material from Michael Bay's Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and apparently looks absolutely awesome. Paramount Studios hosted the presentation of Surgery by Michael Bay, who was not asked where they saw some action scenes (some 3D), which blew them away. It might be possible?! Transformers 3 could be really good? At least it feels like it will be a visual spectacle!

We all know that Michael Bay is a long way to go, must go, if it is really going to recover from this disaster, which was the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, that I despise, but it sounds like it might be possible. And yes, I know this is probably a parody I also say good things about Transformers at all, but this summer, Blockbuster Entertainment, I can not say anything. Michael Bay is a visual genius. Apparently spent eight months working on the script and also to improve the technical use of 3D, I've heard it looks good here. Transformers 3 shot in 3D cameras, when he was making a broad, action scenes, but he used the film close-ups (for example, the former Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), then stereographic.

That said, it seems that this film impressed everyone there. A number of media have been about 20 minutes, including a parachute sequence where the camera follows the divers in 3D as they jump from an airplane and a scene where a giant Decepticon robot involves a whole skyscraper to wrest the land. I'm easy to sell the pictures, especially during the summer, so I find some of the best quotes: Peter Scireta "Imagine following these guys in 3D (3D camera a real manipulated to one of these heads of the boys) with the Decepticons to steal after the shooting, destroying buildings in its path. I thought it was crazy. "

"And speaking of insanity, another sequence, we have seen, is seen briefly in the trailer below, has a giant sand worm Decepticon coiled around a skyscraper, holding back tears. At the same time, our heroes find themselves in a Decepticons tie floor while the building collapses. chairs and sliding furniture as the building slowly falls, and our hero must find a way to survive, but can they? The complete sequence is worth the price of admission . I would say that the graphics mind than most confusing things we saw in Inception. Bay outdid himself in this case. "

Melissa Molina

"The images looked very sweet, especially the visual. I had my gripes about how difficult it was to follow the transformers with the last two films, so I was really nervous about how all it would see in 3D. It flows along nicely, and I can not wait to see more of Ken Jeong, John Malkovich and character of Patrick Dempsey. Rosie is not stupid-white sand, as most people think it would be and Shia do not like ultra-troubled this time (the game was one of the things I dig about "Transformers 2"). The action sequences look really badass (excuse my language fangirl ) and the fans will probably soil their pants when they see Optimus and other tear the Decepticons. "

Anthony Breznican

. "There is no way to judge Transformers 3 is still based solely on these scenes (like the Bay confessed to choose, because they have revealed little about the plot) But what we saw : Craaaazy "

Spacecraft accidents "in the armies of the moon accidentally shot down U.S. fighter in the sky Chicago, like flies sprayed with bug spray LaBeouf Sam Witwicky struggle, man against machine in an alley in the Decepticon Starscream jet (Hint: ... When you open a giant robot, it helps to have a hook. And finally the eyeball.) Wounded Osprey V-22 complement each other as a military parachute jump between the levels of tilt-rotor collision then dive through the canyons of the city in the suit of wings, as flying squirrels, dodging fire Decepticon ... "

By Hugh Hart

"Aerial sequences, crumbling skyscrapers, the robot blows flows dribbling, and LaBeouf Witwicky is thrown into the air, eyes and tied to a bloody shooting Decepticons are benefiting more from the stereo depth of field offered by the darkness of the Moon 3-D treatment."

"Working with the film crew who shot the same avatar, Bay said the third chapter of his saga glitch-bot:" I wanted to do Transformers 2. "

Go to any of these sites linked above to read all of them increase the value by about a unique event, it sounds like he impressed everyone. This is the kind of material that I like to see up to get aggressive in the summer movie season. What Bay and back, well, she decided to make Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers and can be with the 3 "A lot of people would have only a third check, for the pay," says Bay. "I worked every day for two years, every day, because I want to make-up for another. And I want to leave this franchise to the best of my ability." I hope that means that the Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the smartest movie franchise, because it would be incredibly nice to see.

"We're a more mature story. It's dark," said Bay. "When people see the film, they felt it was more emotional at the end. The stakes are high because it takes place in an American city. "Hopefully, he thought to put a little in history that, quite frankly, I see it for the visuals. Although to be honest everything I heard and those who cite early responses, it sounds like potentially Bay has the best and certainly the greatest, the Transformers movie in the series. The first trailer hit April 28, until then watch the Super Bowl spot again via banner below!

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